How To Watch IPL 2022 For Free

How to Watch IPL 2022 in Mobile Free

If You are crazy for IPL match Then read the full Article this Article only for You Everyone’s  watching matches and these days the IPL is going to start 2022, in this Article we are going best method for watching IPL for free you don’t need to purchase costly subscription watch IPL matches. But if you want to watch IPL for free. So today I am going to tell you a lot of free tricks. Through which you will be able to watch IPL matches for free. Friends, the main reason for not watching IPL matches for free is that a lot of money is spent in IPL.

The thing in which money has to be spent. We cannot see that thing for free. Dear friends, through this article, we will tell you a very cool trick to watch IPL for free, so friends, stay with us in this article till the end. And know how you can watch IPL matches for free.

Mobile Recharge :- Friends Mobile Recharge is a good way to watch IPL. Whenever you recharge your sim card. So companies give you some offers for free. And whenever the IPL season starts. Then along with giving recharge, mobile companies also give subscription of IPL matches. You get your recharge done under that offer. So you automatically get recharge for free. Just like the Ambani-owned mobile company Jio is providing the opportunity to watch IPL matches for free with recharges of ₹ 499, ₹ 601, ₹ 799, ₹ 2599. Similarly, Airtel has also introduced its plans. With ₹ 838, ₹ 839 plan you will also be able to watch IPL matches for free. Along with this, vodafone-idea has also introduced its best plans. Through which you will be able to watch IPL matches for free. Which are- ₹ 601, and ₹ 901

Thop Tv

There is many ways of watching IPL matches In 20222 for free thop TV one of the most popular Application for Android or iOS User thop tv allows you watching tv Show high quality HD Shows You can also watch IPL for free through Thop TV also available in google millions of people downloaded thop tv Apps, Thop TV streaming of live TV, You can watch High Quality content also  entire IPL matches for free of cost without any subscription. you can download Thop TV app from Google Appstore then you will be able to watch whole IPL matches Thop TV through our article. Because friends, we tell you that any app should not be downloaded illegally because it is dangerous for your phone.

Jio TV

Jio TV App:- Many apps Available on the internet where you can also watch all IPL matches for free with the help of JioTV app. If you have a Jio SIM, you can also access IPL matches for free by downloading the JioTV app.

Guys I would like to tell you through this keyword. That you will be able to watch this live IPL on Google like this. So friends, first of all you have to type IPL score on Googler search engine. As soon as you type IPL score on Google and hit the search button. So the match that will be going on in front of you. His live score will come. You can also click on the Next button between whom will the next IPL match be held. Complete information about him will come in front of you.

Friends, you will also be able to watch live free IPL matches from Airtel TV, but the condition is this. That you should have Airtel SIM. And need a valid recharge plan.

 Friends First of all you have to install airtel tv app from play store. It has to be opened. Register by entering your airtel mobile number.

 In this way your Airtel TV Extreme app will open. Live IPL matches will start appearing on your mobile screen.

First of all you have to install Hotstar app from play store. .It has to be opened.

 Here also you have to click on Same Sports option.

 Here you will get to see a lot of matches. You want to see the score of any match. You have to click on it.

 Now you will see live IPL matches

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